Facebook – Data scandal

You must have heard a lot like Facebook data scandal, data-breach, डाटा विक्री, analytica आणि हा सगळा फेसबुकचा डाटा गोंधळ !

so here I am to tell you in detail all about Facebook-Cambridge analytica- data scandal.

Data… what is data firstly? same so tiny word right? well ,it’s not as small as you think.

by definition, data is the information in raw or unorganised form, suitable for better uses of processing.

you likes, dislikes, the pages to visit, articles you like, profile you visit or stalk, post on which you react and even the personal information that you provide to the social media this all comes under your data. So it’s more like electronic footprint of yours.

Data is the new fuel it costs more than any jewel. ;But what makes it so valuable?

there is no wonder if we’ll call it mind reader. you won’t believe if I’ll say it can read our minds, but it’s true!

One can know everything about you, almost everything, from the physical appearance, to the place where you live; from the interest you have, to the things you hate; what is running in your mind; what kind of person are you; what fascinates you; your hobbies, interests, your nature,.. this all… Can be know by the analysis of your data.

Data analysis is a process of inspecting, cleansing, transforming and modelling data with the aim of discovering useful information, conclusions and supporting decision making.

By analysis or processing the data one can get every information about the person one can understand everything about nature, interests of the native. Now you might have understand why it’s so important.

So now I start telling the story of Facebook- Cambridge analytica – data scandal…

It begins in 2013 when an app named as ‘thisisyourdigitalife‘ was developed by Aleksandr Kogan.

The app was downloaded by nearly 30 million people in US. can you remember, whenever any app asks for permissions we just hit, I agree.. I agree.. And yes! through these permissions only that app could get access to the Facebook of these people.

The gathered information of up to 87 million people according to Facebook. aleksandr kogan literally sold is data to the company Cambridge analytica.

Cambridge analytica is a British, political consulting firm, which uses data analysis.

Alexander Nix, CEO of analytica bought this data of millions of people.

So now you can imagine what precious thing the data could be, as there was environment of elections in USA at that time!

Now what can regenerate actually did? and how did it use that data?

this point is clear that, through the analysis of this data they could certainly understand political inclinations of any person.

now they separated out these people who were in confusion regarding their votes i.e. to whom it should be given, unlike the remaining, who had fixed about their votes either to Hillary or to Trump.

the percentage of such people who hadn’t decided yet was nearly 20%. Cambridge analytica concentrated on these people with the aim to make Donald trump win.

For that purpose they used psychographic profiling. They could literally control all the media which you could see all the post being bombarded at people in order to make them to Trump’s side. This is called as ‘focused content’.

It’s obvious that our opinions can get affected by such frequent hammering of related post on social media. This all kept happening until the elections and the rest is history.

But now that was the time for this matter to be disclosed.

On 20th march Indian minister of technology, Ravindra Shankar Prasad, blamed on congress and Cambridge analytica for using people started the statement went something like,

तर अशा तऱ्हेने पितळ उघडे पडून अख्ख्या जगासमोर आलं.

Now you’ll think if this data scandal has any relation with India. So there’s a company called of ‘Ovieno Business Intelligence‘ (OBI) which is Indian arm of Cambridge analytica i.e. SCL group.

त्यानंतर चक्रं वेगाने फिरली.analytica sacked their CEO Alexander Nix from his post. N’ coming to Facebook what good that you on 25th March everyone could read the apologizes by Mark Zuckerberg in British newspapers.

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Independence: what do we mean by it

#freedom #independence #girlseducation #environment #indiancultures #heritages

First let me wish you a very happy independence day (belated).Today India is the largest democracy in the entire world. People of different religions, cultures are living happily in our country. 💚💛💜

Indian culture is coloured with various traditions n’ different languages. But still the #unity is seen in this diversity. And I’m proud to be an Indian. With this pride every Indian sings,

सारे जहासे अच्छा हिंदोस्ता हमारा | सारे जहाँ से अच्छा हिन्दोस्ता हमारा | हम बुलबुलें हैं इसकी, यह गुलसिताँ हमारा या गुल सीता हमारा ||

But… but sometimes the question arises in my mind that have we really got the freedom? Do we know what’s actually meant by independence?

Women in this independent country are not free to go wherever they want. Female infanticide, girls education, environmental issues,degradation if family system have taken the form of severe problems.

We call this country to be independent but girls here are not so free.

In some villages there’s prevention for girls to take the education on the other hand, people living in the cities are trying to adopt the foreign cultures.

Under the name of independence, indian family system is getting divided into nuclear families. People are misusing their freedom n’ it’s leading even to the decay of environment.

It is said that when you become eligible to drive you also become responsible for safety.As we are the independent citizens of India, it’s our prime responsibility to save the environment & nature of India, to save and promote Indian cultures, for they are the rich heritages we’ve got from mother India.And we should be grateful for that.we should try to make India a better place.

Sir Ravindranath Tagore prays to the supreme personality for the India in his dreams through his poem ‘where the mind is without fear’. In this he prays,

“Where the mind is led forward by thee,… Into ever-widening thoughts and action,… Into that heaven of freedom, my father, let my country awake…”

Atlast, I would just like to say that, being a responsible citizen of India, we should know our duties towards our motherland.

We have to try to make India a country where everyone will get equal rights & each mind is really without fear, where all will know the actual meaning of independence and each person will enjoy it.

We should try to make India a better place. N’ we’ve to pledge that,

वैभवी देश चढवीन सर्वस्व त्यास अर्पीन | हा तिमीर घोर संहारीन या बंधु सहाय्याला हो | बलसागर भारत हो विश्वात शोभुनी राहो |

करी दिव्य पताका घेऊ, प्रिय भारत गीते गाऊ |विश्वास पराक्रम दावू, ही माय निजपदा लाहो | बलसागर भारत हो विश्वात शोभुनी राहो || 🎶🎶🎵Jay Hind! Jay Bharat!

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Elon Musk : The real life Tony Stark

Yeah, whatever you’ve read is true. There exists a (maybe super) human who can be called as Real World Tony Stark!!

Being ranked 13th in the list of Most admired men, Elon musk has been placed 40th as richest person in the list by Forbes.

Elon is former Stanford University student & he’s well-known for his electric car manufacturing company, Tesla

Well, list of the companies he owes doesn’t end here. It includes…

  • SpaceXprivate US aerospace manufacturer and space transportation services. Competing with NASA n’ BlueOrigin
  • Solarcityspecializes in solar energy services.
  • Starlinka satellite constellation development project underway by SpaceX
  • The Boring Company an infrastructure and tunnel construction company
  • OpenAIis an AI research company, discovering and enacting the path to safe artificial general intelligence.
  • Neuralink – it’s developing implantable brain–machine interfaces

      Hence there’s no wonder why Elon musk is known as the real life tony stark.

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      👉the dopamine levels in our brain surge.😊

      the key player in the reward system of our brain where we get that feeling of pleasure , is dopamine. Dopamine receptors are all over our brain.

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      Let me wish uh a very happy Friendship day!

      friends r like oasis in d dessert of our lives. n d most important is there love ❤️ which keeps u bounded wid them. It can’t be counted by d no. of frndship bands you’ve gotta wear on ur hands👐.. those r d strong bonds…. unbreakable bonds…👩‍❤️‍👩.. which u can’t put into numbers…

      every person gets many people in d role of his or her frndz…👬👭.. and u know.. d happiest thing is tht they make u feel as ur so special 😊.. n lucky as u have them…✌️

      at last I would like 2 say tht

      ‘Friends, you are such a joy to me ‘